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  Awareness Talk on Organ Donation, 14th February, 2015

On February 24, 2015, the “Organ Donation” awareness campaign and blood donation camp was organized by central Excise Officers, Sector 17 Chandigarh. The awareness talk on Organ Donation was given by Prof. R.K. Dhiman, Department of Hepatology, PGIMER at 12 noon. It was organized in the conference hall of Central Revenue Building. Posters on organ donation were also displayed. Prof. R.K. Dhiman had explained about the concept of organ donation and answered the queries of the audiences about organ donation. A short documentary on organ donation was also shown. All the people present there appreciated the cause and pledged to donate their organs.

  Workshop on Organ Donation, 7th March, 2015

The Department of Hepatology PGIMER, Chandigarh organized a Workshop on ‘Organ donation’ at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh on 7th March, 2015. The aim of the workshop was to sensitize the nursing staff and transplant coordinators working in PGIMER and other hospitals of tricity towards the concept of organ donation. Workshop covered various aspects of organ donation and was attended by about 150 delegates.

In his welcome address, Prof. YK Chawla, Director PGIMER, stressed upon the need of organ donation mentioning that there was huge gap between the need and supply of the organs. Dr. R.K. Dhiman and Dr. Ajay Duseja from the department of Hepatology, PGIMER,Chandigarh spoke on the current scenario of organ donation and who can be an organ donor respectively. Dr. Dhiman mentioned that in India, a large number of road side accidents occur every day and many of these patients unfortunately suffer head injuries and become brain dead but only a small fraction of family members of such brain dead patients give consent to donate organs of their kins who are brain dead. Dr. Duseja stressed that it was very important for each one of us to convey our willingness to donate organs to our family members. In case of any eventuality, it then becomes easier for the family to take decision and give consent to donate orgnas if the person had already desired so. He clarified that organs can be used only from in-hospital deaths either after brain death or immediately after cardiac death whereas only few tissues like eyes (cornea) can be used within few hours from deaths occuring at homes.

Dr. Rajesh Chhabra from the department of Neurosurgery, PGIMER Chandigarh discussed about the concept of brain death and mentioned the ways to identify such patients in the hospital. He stressed that a brain dead person is equivalent to a dead person only and the condition is totally irreversible. He also emphasised on the simple measures for the nursing staff to identify such patients in consultation with physicians. The most difficult part in the process of organ donation is to break the bad news to family members of brain dead patients. Mrs.Vibhuti Sharma, Senior Transplant Coordinator from Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences, New Delhi spoke on grief counselling and on breaking the bad news to the family memembers of brain dead patients. She also spoke about the Human transplantation act and laws in relation to organ donation in India. She emphasised on some of the recent amendments in the transplantation act.

After the family of the brain dead patient gives consent to donate organs it is very important to manage brain dead patients in intensive care units till their organs are retrieved. Dr. Y.K. Batra from the department of Anaesthesia, PGIMER, Chandigarh discussed the optimal management of a potential organ donor in the intensive care unit. It is very important to have a proper policy to allocate the organs to needy patients and to have a proper system of sharing of organs within a city, region or country. Dr. Ashish Sharma from the department of Renal Transplant surgery, PGIMER, Chandigarh discussed the prevalent allocation and sharing policy in India. He emphasised that the sickest person gets the top priority in getting the organs.

A panel discussion related to organ donation was conducted by Dr. Sunil Taneja from the Department of Hepatology, PGIMER, Chandigarh and various practical issues related to organ donation were answered by Dr. R. Minz from the department of Immunopathology, Dr. L. Kaman and Dr. Divya from the department of General Surgery, Dr. Yaddanapudi from the department of Anesthesia and Dr. Manoj Goyal from the department of Neurology, PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Other experts who participated in the workshop included Dr. K.L. Gupta and Dr. H.S. Kohli from the department of Nephrology, Dr. Mukut Minz from Renal Transplant Surgery, Dr. Vipin Koushal from Hospital Administration, Dr. A.K. Jain from Ophthalmology, Dr. M.K. Tewari from Neurosurgery, Dr. Sanjay Jain from Internal Medicine, Dr. Sandeep Grover from Psychiatry, Dr. Arunanshu Behera from General Surgery, Dr. Ajay Behl from Cardiology, Dr. Virendra Singh from Hepatology and Dr. D Behera from the department of Pulmonary Medicine, PGIMER Chandigarh.

In a separate talk after the workshop, Mrs.Vibhuti Sharma, Senior Transplant Coordinator from Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences, New Delhi spoke on the ’Nuances in running a transplant programme’ and emphasised on the role of transplant coordinator in running a successful transplantation programme.

  World Kidney Day, 12th March, 2015

The Department of Nephrology PGIMER, Chandigarh organised a free health check up camp on the occasion of "World Kidney Day" on 12th & 13th March,2015 from 9 am to 4 pm at New OPD complex PGIMER, Chandigarh to raise awareness about kidney diseases. The inauguration of the programme was done by Padamshree Dr. K.S. Chugh. Total of 1025 people registered themselves for free check up. The health checkup included blood pressure, urine examination,blood tests,diet advice.

The Department of Hepatology had put stall for organ donation. Around 100 people pledged their organs. The evening program included the interactive sessions at LT 1 PGIMER, Chandigarh.

The session started with the welcome speech by Dr. Manish Rathi. The topic of discussion were chronic kidney disease: Burden and impact on Indian Economy by Prof. K.L. Gupta. Dr. Sanjay D' Cruz discussed about hypertension and its management. Prof. Anil Bhansali shared valuable information on Diabetes and its amelioration to prevent chronic kidney disease. Diet in renal diseases was discussed by Dr. Nancy Sahni and Deceased donor renal transplantation was discussed by Dr. Ashish Sharma which was followed by the interactive discussion. The session came to an end with high tea.

  Lifestyle Workshop, 16th-27th March,2015

The School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh and Center of Community Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi had jointly conducted a two weeks “ National Course on Public Health Approaches to Non-Communicable Diseases” from 16th-27th March,2015 at School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh. As a part of this course, an “Exhibition on Healthy Lifestyle” was organized on 21st March, 2015 from 9 am to 4 pm at Zakir Hall, PGIMER, Chandigarh. The exhibition was open to general public from tricity i.e. Chandigarh, Mohali and Pachkula which focused on display of healthy diet recipes and snacks, promotion of physical activity, mental health, road safety, organ donation, IEC material on tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse besides screening for blood sugar and hypertension. This exhibition was inaugurated by Prof. Y.K. Chawla, Director ,PGIMER, Chandigarh. He appreciated the efforts put by different Departments in the exhibition.

A stall on Organ Donation under the guidance of Prof. R.K. Dhiman was also put by the Department of Hepatology, PGIMER, Chandigarh. Around 50 people pledged their organs by filling the donor cards.

  Organ donation day, 7th August 2015

Department of Renal Transplant Surgery PGIMER, Chandigarh organised organ donation camp and felicitation ceremony for organ donor families on the occasion of world organ donation day on 7th August 2015. The program began with the installation of organ pledging stall at New OPD with an approach to create awareness among general public regarding organ donation. Around 300 people pledged their organs and became a part of this noble cause. Trilingual Booklets on information regarding organ donation were also distributed. The evening activities included welcome address by Dr. Sunil, Assistant Professor, Department of Renal Transplant Surgery, PGIMER which was followed by informative sessions on organ donation. Professor Mukut Minz highlighted the Deceased Donor Transplantation:Report Card from PGI, Professor Radha K. Dhiman had put light on the difficulties in deceased donor transplantation: PGI experience, Dr. Vipin Kaushal discussed about the administrative challenges in deceased donor transplant, Dr. Ashish Sharma had enlightened the potential solutions. The sessions’s main attraction was the recipient’s experience, how they feel after transplant. The guest for the evening was Sh. Vijay Kumar Dev (Advisor UT Chandigarh). He honoured the donor families. The session came to an end with vote of thanks.

  Vivek Milni Diwas, 14th August 2015

Vivek Milni Diwas was organised on 14th August 2015 in Ludhiana in remembrance of Vivek Singh Pandher, who passed away in Canada on July 4. Vivek (23) was a student of electrical engineering in University of British Columbia and died of heat stroke while attending a concert in Washington and he had pledged his organs before he died. His family honoured his words and his organs were transplanted to seven people in Vancouver. The function was organised to create a drive to pledge organs. Around 300 people attended the function and 100 people filled organ Donation pledging forms.