Sign up the Donor Card to save lives

Once you fill up the card with complete details, we will post you a hard copy of your Organ Donor card at your postal address.


  1. Donor card represents the wish of a person to donate his organs and also it acts as a source of discussion with friends and family. Signing a donor card does not bind a person in any legal contract for organ donation.
  2. Always keep the card with you.
  3. Discuss about it with friends and family, so that they know your wish. This is very important. You can not let your wish go futile simply because you did not communicate with family on this matter.
  4. Use this card to help create awareness among your friends and family, thus sensitizing more people towards organ donation.
  5. Only Indian Citizens above 18 years of age may sign up the donor card. Minors may ask their parents or legal guardians to write to us as their consent is necessary.
  6. In case of any queries please feel free to write to us.