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Stories of Hope

Rohit Joshi, 16, Student, Panchkula

"It was nice to regain a clear sight and be able to read the blackboard properly"

Rohit was three year old when his eyes started troubling him. Slowly over the years, the problem started growing. Watering of eyes, pain in eyes and sensitivity to light was increasing as the time passed. An eye check-up confirmed that he had developed a degenerative disease of cornea, called Keratoconus.

"I could not see from the back bench, what teachers used to write on blackboard.. it was all hazy.. and I had to copy it down from my friend’s notebook" says the 16 year old aspiring Chartered Accountant.

Scarring of cornea due to the disease and frequent rubbing of eyes made it difficult for him to study at school. He was given frequent injections in his eye and other medications to control the disease and give a symptomatic relief . But the permanent treatment was only cornea transplant.

In 2008, one day in April he got the gift, that someone else had left for someone like him. He got a Corneal transplant from an eye that was donated by some deceased donor. The scarred and damaged cornea was replaced by a crystal clear cornea from donor’s eye, removing the curtain of haziness from his vision forever.

He now can read the things written on blackboard clearly from the back bench in his classroom. “ Hey..i am a back bencher only because I am taller than my batchmates..don’t take it otherwise!” quips Joshi, digging up in his books, as we set up our camera to click hic picture.